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Selected & Recommended Contemporary Writers

Derinda Babcock - http://www.DerindaBabcock.com

Stephen and Janet Chester Bly - https://www.Blybooks.com

Cathryn Brown - https://cathrynbrown.com

Amanda Cabot - http://www.sff.net/people/Amanda.Cabot

Jack Cavanaugh - http://JackCavanaugh.com

Mindy Starns Clark - http://www.MindyStarnsClark.com

Debra Clopton - https://DebraClopton.com

Lynn Coleman - https://www.LynnColeman.com

Susan Page Davis - https://www.SusanPageDavis.com

Lena Nelson Dooley - http://www.LenaNelsonDooley.com

D.A. Featherling - https://www.DAFeatherling.com

Rhonda Gibson - http://www.RhondaGibson.net

Annie Greene - https://www.AnneGreeneauthor.com

Lila Guzman - http://www.LilaGuzman.com

Patty Smith Hall - https://www.facebook.com/author

Rachel Hauck - https://RachelHauck.com

Cynthia Melton Hickey - https://www.facebook.com/author

Pam Hillman - http://PamHillman.blogspot.com

BJ Hoff - https://www.BJHoff.com

Kathy Ide - http://www.KathyIde.com

Julie Klassen - https://www.JulieKlassen.com

Richard Mabry - http://www.RMabry.com

Shirlee McCoy - https://www.facebook.com/author/

Vickie McDonough - https://www.VickieMcDonough.com

DiAnn Mills - https://www.DiAnnMills.com

Lynn Moffett - https://lynnmoffett.com/

Jill Elizabeth Nelson - https://www.facebook.com/

Mary Nhin -  http://www.marynhin.com/

Tracie Peterson - https://TraciePeterson.com/

Sandra Robbins - https://www.facebook.com/author

Martha Rogers - http://www.MarthaWRogers.com

Gayle Roper - http://www.gayleroper.com/

Betty J. Slade - http://BettyJSlade.com

Lynette Sowell - http://lynettesowell.blogspot.com/

Jan Thompson - http://www.JanThompson.com

Beth Vogt - https://BethVogt.com

Susan May Warren - http://SusanMayWarren.com

Kathleen Y’Barbo - https://www.KathleenYBarbo.com

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Lin’s Writing:

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   • About Lin

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   • Presentations

   • Elk Lake Publishing

   • Southwest Detours

   • Resources

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