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Looking at Life is a collection of stories written by WCCWN members from all over the country who have lived in Southern Colorado.

Experience our adventures and share in our trials and triumphs in these moving, encouraging, humorous and inspiring stories.

My stories are The Lindas (page 3) and Mandy’s Solution (page 77).

WCCWN, is a non-denominational writer's group in Pagosa Springs, Colorado dedicated to improving their craft and sharing God's love with the world. Visit their website—

My novella in the California Gold Rush Romance Collection, The Lye Water Bride starts on page 197.

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Dry Diggins, California, June 1849

Ask any man in Dry Diggins and he'll tell you Jo Bass is quite a gal. She's got a head for cyphering, an eye for gold, and she's not married.

Twenty-two-year-old Mildred Josephine "Jo" Bass and her brother Thaddeus co-own Pike's Bank and Assay Office. Backed by their father's bank in New York, they're already a trusted source for accurate assays, secure deposits, and fair gold exchange. The teller cage bars and lye water pail keep the miners at bay. Her .31 caliber pocket model revolver is a deterrent as well.

Linda Farmer “Lin” Harris
Author, Editor, Mentor, Scriptwriter, Speaker

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Turning Tidbits of History into Unforgettable Stories

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Stories in Published Works:

  1. Two stories — Looking at Life: A Collection of Devotions, Poems, & Short Stories, Wolf Creek Christian Writers Network

  2. One Way — 101 Ways to Romance Your Marriage: Enjoying a Passionate Life Together, Debra White Smith

Santa Fe, New Mexico, September, 1928

BeaEtta Pearle searches for refuge from a breaking heart and finds that love is as healing as a summer rain shower on the parched prairie.

Voices in the Desert Series

Four Books

Book 1 ~ Treasure Among the Ruins ~

Book 2 ~ The Road to Tomorrow ~

Coming Fall 2022

Chef Schuler claims she left to be married. Believing Christal would never dishonor her commitment to work as a Harvey Girl for a year before marrying, her roommates, Olivia Wofford, and Alice Clayborne search for her.

Christal Neyses, patissier for the Fred Harvey restaurant at the La Castañeda Hotel in Las Vegas, New Mexico, disappeared.

Alice’s double life threatens to derail their search. Her secret puts their lives in jeopardy. They discover Christal was stolen and sold to a foreign broker in California. Stonewalled at every turn, with time running out before Christal is shipped to the Orient, they hatch a daring rescue. If they fail, they will never leave the mansion of stolen hearts alive.

Mansion of Stolen Hearts

Learn More About The 
Southwestern Indian Detour CouriersSouthwest_Detours.html

Coming — 2022

The Road to Tomorrow

Book 2—Voices in the Desert Series

At the Lamy, New Mexico station, Jace Chambliss hitches a ride in a Southwestern Indian Detour touring car bound for Santa Fe. An unexpected detour brings the cowgirl of his dreams into his life only to have her snatched away when he’s jailed in Santa Fe for murder, counterfeiting, forgery, and gambling. Will Delia help clear the name of a cowboy she met less than 24 hour earlier, or will she do nothing and send him to a Texas swing party?

Cordelia Moulton searches for self-identity and finds that love

is as sure as the spring grass under the winter snowflakes.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, May 1926

A recent college graduate, Cordelia Moulton is home and at loose ends in 1926 northern New Mexico. She fears living a life of insignificance, but she doesn't want to follow in her parents' ranching legacy, or become involved in their highly visible political and social life.

Treasure Among the Ruins

Book 1

Voices in the Desert Series

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Visit Southwest Detours —

Kathy Hendrickson, dressed as a Courier and driving a HarveyCar, provides tours in historic Las Vegas, NewMexico, to the Montezuma Castle—Harvey-run resort, Castañeda Hotel—Harvey House, and the Plaza Hotel. Plus other sites of interest—such as Lamy, NM, Historical Homes and Movie and Film sites.

Call her — 505-459-6987 or email —

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Linda Farmer “Lin” Harris
Author, Editor, Mentor, Scriptwriter, Speaker
Turning Tidbits of History into Unforgettable Stories

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My passion is writing Christian historical fiction, suspense, westerns, and for young adults set in the 1890s and 1920s.

I love everything about the Harvey Girls, the Butcher Boys, the Southwestern Indian Detour Couriers, and Grace Livingston Hill.